Praise For Portrait Of A Call Girl
A riveting tour de force of adult cinema, Portrait of a Call Girl, directed by Elegant Angel’s not-so-secret weapon, Graham Travis, is adult moviemaking at the highest echelon. Beautifully shot, expertly acted and sexually scintillating, the movie serves as the perfect vehicle for Jessie Andrews to showcase her considerable talents. Andrews gives a bravura performance in the best adult film this reviewer’s seen all year.
The consistency in tone of POACG is remarkable. Tightly edited, the movie doesn’t follow an all too common feature’s paint-by-numbers approach—the stopping and starting of hasty dialogue that has little depth and achieves no real purpose but to lead to the sex scene. Here, the story unfolds naturally with impeccable pace and timing; there’s no corny lead-in lines that prompt the sex to commence. The dialogue isn’t glossed over as a means to get to the fucking—it plays an integral role in character development—something rarely heard of, nor achieved in the porn world. When was the last time you could say you saw a character develop and grow in a porn movie?
While we expect many more great performances from Andrews as one of the industry’s newest bright, shining stars, if this remains her finest hour, it’s one for the ages. - AVN

"...the double disc set includes a wealth of extras but more than that, a superior movie in the process. Starring hotty Jessie Andrews, the movie is a look at a high priced call girl on the road to self discovery, but unlike most of what is on the market, the movie offers some sizzling hot sex scenes full of raw energy and relevance to the role; a far cry from the tacked on sex you will typically see in competitors. The initial buzz about the movie has been it is like the mainstream Steven Soderbergh cross over flick “The Girlfriend Experience” but in truth, this is so much better on so many levels (remember that the premise of the mainstream art film was about an emotionally devoid hooker while this allows Jessie to express a full range of emotions) and other than focusing on someone that sells sex for money, they are nothing alike. Portrait of a Call Girl by director Graham Travis for Elegant Angel was the rarity that combined sex and story in a meaningful way; offering feature fans a lot to appreciate while raincoaters will still delight in the strength of the sex scenes. The sex was not the polished up, glossed over, contract girl couples flick sex either... Jessie Andrews proved what so many of the Xcritic staff have said about her sexual prowess too, enhancing that with an ability to actually act rather than imitate... It might be wrong to say that this is the latest in a very long line of “star maker” roles even though Elegant has fulfilled that role exceptionally well in recent years but I suspect that Jessie will now have expanded her options into a mainstream career if she chooses. In terms of the rating, the strokability, replay value, extras, and overall quality of Portrait of a Call Girl earned an Xcritic Pick for going well above the pack in many ways. In a time when the parody genre seems to get the most attention, Travis and Elegant show the rest of the industry that quality fuck flicks can be made without pandering and I for one appreciate it.” - Don Houston -

“You know that elusive "mainstream movie that happens to have sex in it" Holy Grail of porn companies? "Portrait of A Call Girl" gets it. Jessie Andrews is wonderful in a movie that Elegant Angel should be proud of... Thoughtfully acted, beautifully shot, and sparsely, elegantly orchestrated, "Portrait of A Call Girl" is my favorite porn movie in a long time. Unlike 98 percent of porn out there, it is worth owning and keeping.” - Gram Ponante -

“...startling, simultaneously extreme and hot (even if you don’t want it to be), and unsettling. Even now, I can’t tell you how I feel about this movie; but I can tell you that, if you see it, you’re not going to forget it... Recommended for: everyone, no one, and all of us in between. There is cinematic beauty, art-house flare, symbolism and movement... Portrait of a Call Girl may be for those looking to study an adult film (like, as an example of exemplary work).” -

“Portrait of a Call Girl” is an exceptional feature from Graham Travis and Elegant Angel that tells the tale of a call girl played by Jessie Andrews. In what may well be a career-making role for Jessie, this release is really something quite unique in the world of adult films. Not only is the plot realistic—and complex—it also successfully conveys a variety of moods and emotional scenarios that play out seamlessly in heading toward its ultimate goals. Jessie plays her part to perfection—with a certain innocence and decency that also mask a far more troubled interior—and she delivers intensely in a sexual sense, as well. By all accounts, this is something special—in a very good way.All in all, this is a unique, well-done, and fascinating feature. Jessie Andrews puts her soul…and more…on display, and Graham Travis clearly delivers in every possible manner. A solid mix of plot and hard sex, this one is most certainly worth checking out.” - fu_q reviews -

Graham and especially Jessie do an incredible job portraying the character of a young woman trying to find herself. Jessie will almost certainly get an AVN nomination for best actress and has an excellent shot of winning the award. I will say this too, porn performers may not be the best actresses around but is anyone tells me that they “can’t” act I will point them to this movie. Obviously I suggest that you buy this movie, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. This gets a 5 out of 5.” -

“A tour de force by Jessie Andrews. Her acting was superb in this feature from Elegant Angel. Graham Travis did a superb job of directing this feature. In fact, take out the sex scenes and the storyline could stand up in a mainstream movie. But thank God for the sex scenes! Jessie was in every scene and carried the movie with her acting and did a great job with the sex. She was into each of her male co-stars and let them have their way with her. The story was complex, yet not complicated; simple, yet layered. This is like an adult film like you have never seen before! - Captain Jack -

“Well fans if you aren't a fan of Jessie Andrews you should be after watching this movie. She is the driving force from the first scene to the last, lots of dialogue, facial reactions and of course fucking--- all dependent on Miss Andrews who proves more than up to the challenge... What can I say after all this, Elegant Angel has swung a big bat here and hit a long fly out of the park. This movie should be remembered for Best Movie too come next Jan, well done Team Elegant Angel and director/ writer Graham Travis. - Bono One -
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